The Moon Landing Was Fake?

The moon landing wasn’t real? Did the U.S. fake the moon landing? Today I will talk to you about how conspiracy theorists believe the moon landing was all staged and false. We will explore all the evidence that proves that the moon landing was all a giant hoax.

As most of us know, space is a giant vacuum which is something important that we need to know. The reason that space is a vacuum is because of how empty it is and because of all the low pressures. As we know now that space is a vacuum, why is the flag that Buzz Aldrin planted waving? It wouldn’t make sense since space is just a vacuum.

Space is full of stars, also known as burning balls of flame in space. In our Milky Way galaxy alone there are 400 billion stars that we have uncovered. If we all know that there are stars in space then why in the background of the photos there are no stars? And if they were really in space why did they have reflectors on the floor? Wouldn’t the sun be enough light?

Don’t you think it’s a little odd that the Soviet Union was ahead in the space race yet we still got to the moon first? It’s a little strange that America somehow made a huge leap from barely being able to get to the edge of space to the moon. They managed to make amazing progress in a short amount of time, or did they?

I personally don’t believe that the moon landing was fake, because there is factual proof to prove that we didn’t fake it. To start it off the reason the flag is waving is because there was a malfunction in a metal pole that was installed in the flag to stand still once planted. Not only that buzz aldrin who planted the flag reported that he had move the flag around to get it to stand still.  Another fact is that the camera quality back then doesn’t compare to camera quality today as well to the fact that they couldn’t take the best cameras they had at the time because they were in a tight little space shuttle. The camera quality of Neil Armstrong camera was a silver Hassleblad Data Camera that had a max of lense. And although it was a huge leap from the atmosphere exploration to the moon it did happen because we have gone to the moon 6 times and brought back 2,200 samples of moon rocks and dust.

From all of this information, when you see the moon next time remember that we as a society are able to say that we have discovered what it’s like to be there. When you look up to the moon again, remember that it isn’t made of cheese or that it is untouched by humans, but a beautiful rock that helps keep planet earth in a stable orbital balance.

Enrique Mondragon Arenas – Nazareth Academy – DMSF Class of 2027

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay