What I Don’t Want To Forget

Dear Future Jada, 

As I’m growing up I realize the world is not so beautiful and sweet as it may seem. But the world has been through a lot so ofc it’s not gonna be peaches and rainbows. The world has been very hot and cold to me, very bipolar  but I know in the future me (you) will not let nothing get in your way and will turn anything bad , good. I remember when we were 6 talking about who our favorite people are in the world and why they deserve to be alive. Now we are 14 asking why we are even up on this earth. I don’t know how we will be feeling when we turn 16-17. I hope you find out how you really feel about this planet.

I hope you have found yourself and what you really like and your interest. Life may seem difficult right now in my eyes but just wait till we’re your size, gonna be worried about SATs, college, relationships, friendships, driving. OOU WEE we have so much coming up but I know you’ll make it work. I hope you’re open to trying new things and not always having negative opinions on stuff before you try it. I hope you know your worth and realize you don’t need nobody but yourself and in reality most people need you. I hope you become happy because right now you are dealing with a lot and happiness is not one of them. I hope you find all the happiness in the world.

Now I wonder so much, I wonder will we still be playing flag football? I hope so, I really like it and it makes me happy but also tired. I wonder if we will have  a better relationship with our parents, like just all good vibes and positivity. I wonder if you will still be “favorite friends”s with gianna, I hope so because can’t nobody fill her spot up and yall friendship is so secure. I wonder if Uncle Briel will have any kids , or if Elmer will propose to tete tae. I wonder what kind of clubs will you be doing when you go to hope . What kinds of friend groups you will be in and what the people I hang around with act like . I wonder if zara will ever come back to Chicago and live here officially. Please don’t ever forget about her either , she’s literally your “bestiesistercousin”. I wonder if you still will be independent, and antisocial and a homebody. But I hope you still act the same , like go outside but stay in the house. Don’t be scared to make new friends either , be yourself , the friendly , nice and  positive leader who people like to follow and associate themselves to.

Finally I would like to ask how are we in school? Who is our favorite teacher? Are we a honors student? Did we ever cry in school? Did we give up? Did we skip class(I hope not)? Are we in any classes that help us want to be a therapist? Last but not least, what college are we trying to apply for ? What colleges do we have our eyes on? I hope by now you are not forcing a relationship with anybody , because clearly we are never the problem. I hope we stop arguing with our parents. Make sure to keep your business to yourself , we are not telling nobody NOTHING . Let me know if we get into any fights. Most importantly stop holding grudges , I hope we learn to forgive but never forget because people know what they are doing . We also need to learn how to be aware of our surroundings and people we are around. Also try to keep your body in shape , I hope we get that little 6 pack we have been wanting. Remember to stay positive and don’t let nothing get in your head . Follow your first mind .

Some advice I would love to give you is just keep doing you . You have a spark that nobody can take away . You have that energy that makes people love you , the energy that brightens up someone’s day. Also stop being lazy on the weekends and make sure you do your work on Friday as soon as you get it done because then you go be  rushing and a whole bunch of unnecessary crap .Also I don’t want you to ever forget where you came from. Like all the stuff you learned from the adults growing up around you . Such as “don’t spend all your money , always put 20$ up for when you get your first check.” or it can be little things like “look both ways before you cross the street” cause when you my age we might forget little stuff like that , so just remember. Never forget to be Jada , like that smile . Keep smiling , never forget to not smile . Hold on to what makes Jada, jada, such as being the smartest and always wanting to do more and trying to achieve more . What if you’re in college and it’s asking you about streets , remember when your granny taught you about streets, remember these little details , because they might come in handy when you need them . Another life lesson, make sure you give me the right friends in highschool and college , don’t be trying to pick on anyone or let anybody pick on you . Find the people who wanna lead us in the right path and hold onto being YOU , not caring about people’s opinions and doing what you want and when you want. Be yourself !! Please make us likable and a memorable person especially for your teachers , cause if you are a good and positive person your teachers will love that and they will teach you exactly how you act . So just make sure we do our biggest one ! Just remember to be yourself ! Do what you want ! Don’t be scared to try anything new ! Make yourself happy !

Jada Anderson – Chicago Hope Academy – DMSF Class of 2027

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