What’s all the hype about California ?

California is the 3rd largest state with a population of 38.9 million people. When you think of California what do you think of? Celebrities, rich people, Beverly Hills, nice weather? California has been one of the most talked about places when it comes to fame. So is it true what they say?

Los Angeles is known for its show business. When someone is auditioning for a role in LA they sometimes will need to fly down there, but here’s the problem. Getting a hotel in LA can be very expensive, mostly if you’re not getting paid to come down there. This can make it hard for new becoming actors. So yes you can become famous in LA/California but, when it comes to expenses it can be hard. What about the experience of becoming famous? When people say they want to be famous what is the reason and do they know what they have to go through? According to people.com Robert Pattinson states “Fame means being bothered constantly. I have 40 seconds from the moment I arrive somewhere, before I get asked for my autograph”. Also, Johnny Depp said that “ All of your moves have to be carefully planned. Everything has to be some sort of strategy. To get you into a hotel, to get you out of the hotel, to get you into the restaurant, to get you out of the restaurant.” Based on these current celebrities what does this make you feel about being famous?

California probably has pretty nice weather, but has anyone thought about how it looks. Based on my experience some parts of California isn’t what you expect. Most of the pictures you see of Hollywood is the Hollywood sign, but have you seen Hollywood? Some places around Hollywood may look a little grimy and old. On destinationdreamdiaries.com they state that Hollywood isn’t the prettiest place around. One of the most popular destinations I feel like that is expected to be how it looks is Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is a very tropical place, many palm trees, and big plants. So no not every area in California will look new and made-up.

The last conspiracy Im going to settle is the cost of living in California. There are many cities and areas that are in CA. This all comes into factor when looking for a house with the right  budget. If your looking for a home in LA the median home prices are $795,000 stated on latimes.com. Even the average rent for a apartment is $1,750. The cheapest homes can go down to $200,000. This all says that living in California can be very expensive, but if you really want to move down there you should look at the areas that you can afford.

To sum all of this up, California could be a very questionable place. When you hear about this place it could always be what you expect and what you didn’t expect. It all depends on the person. After reading this blog don’t feel like you shouldn’t go take a trip to California. California is a very different state, the people are really nice, and it’s a very welcoming environment. I would totally recommend going to California. I even want to go back myself.

Malaya Cook-Davis – Evergreen Park Community High School – DMSF Class of 2027

Image by David Mark from Pixabay