You Should Try Americas Sport

I was 6 years old when I was introduced to baseball and It became my passion. The reason why I chose baseball is because my friends inspired me to play it, has been a big thing in my family, and is a more challenging sport than people think. Baseball is a mental sport and I’m going to share my passion and thoughts on why you should play it or understand it.

One experience I remember is, My family, was watching a baseball game, then all of a sudden, I heard shouting and screaming. I was confused about what was going on maybe I was in trouble? But no my family was screaming at the TV because the batter hit the ball and the winning run was on second base, meaning he had a chance to score and win the game. Baseball is great because it teaches you fundamental, life-strategies and lessons.

Baseball is a sport that teaches a lot of key mental health strategies. Having confidence, keeping your composure, teamwork, and discipline. Having those strategies and skills makes you a better person on and off the field, in school being an outstanding student who can be trusted. It can help you gain critical thinking (quick thinking) in certain situations. But the main thing it teaches you is teamwork and getting along, if you don’t know teamwork skills it’s very hard for you to work in groups, and you can’t just be an independent person all your life, that’s why coaches and teammates are there to help you succeed. It also teaches you not to be a selfish person. Now having confidence is key in a lot of sports. Your confidence determines your actions and how you play any sport, that’s why it’s a key essential for all athletes and students. But don’t get too cocky and get ahead of yourself thinking you’re the greatest person of all time. Baseball is also great because its a not a rough contact sport. Baseball is a sport that keeps pushing you to go even though anything happens, you want to keep going because you tried so hard to get where you are the effort, non-stop failure, lessons, wins, and losses, all of that makes baseball a beautiful game. If you are a competitive person and like competition, baseball is a very well-known competitive sport because everyone wants to succeed in it. Baseball also teaches respect, which can help you understand your opponent and respect them. Also teaching that you’re not going to win every match because that’s not how you learn and improve your skills, respect comes in with humbleness if you’re a cocky person who thinks they’re going to win every game or come first in everything your wrong, there’s always someone better than you waiting for you to mess up and take your spot, so keep your head down and keep improving in your abilities.

All in all, I think you should play or understand baseball because  of the many life skills and abilities  you learn from playing or experiencing it

Zayd Amir Kenny – DeLaSalle Institute – DMSF Class of 2027