Make Your Move, Let’s Play Chess!

Chess is a game that many are not aware of due to the small chess player base. However this is why i’m here, I want to encourage you guys into learning the game of chess. Chess is a game where there is a board(with sixty four squares) with 32 pieces on the board. There are 16 white pieces and 16 black pieces. In chess you can win,draw(tie),or lose. Now that I explained what chess is, I want to tell you why you should play chess. Chess has three major factors that got me interested in playing.

One, for my mental wellness. Two, the opportunities chess provides. Three, the friendships along the way. My first point is my mental health. Chess is always great for the mind, it allows us to be critical thinkers. Chess is a great way to relieve any stress there may be because it allows you to only focus on just the game and your opponent’s next move. Next I want to talk about the opportunities chess provides. Chess is great because you get to go to different schools and places to compete in chess tournaments. With this you get to meet different coaches who only help you grow. You also get to meet different players. This goes into my third point which is friendship. Throughout peoples chess careers they meet many players with different backgrounds. Because of this they are able to connect more,thus building long term friendships down the road.

Now I have said a lot but you might be asking, “Marco these are your reasons for playing chess not mine, so why should I play chess?” That is a fair point however let me ask you this. Would you try something if someone gives no reasons on why you should try it. For example if I were to ask you “ you should try sashimi” would you try it? Most likely not right? The same applies here, I am giving you my reasons as to why I started playing chess so that you might feel motivated to give chess a try. There are many great things in chess so I advise you all to learn about the game because the game has endless possibilities. Chess is a game that no one can “master” because as you play you only get better, which makes the game great! What I want you guys to take away from this is that chess is a game for people of all skill levels. By playing chess you are opening yourself to a plethora of encounters. People you never thought you would meet(ties into point three) and this game expands people’s horizons.

I also want to explain why chess is better than your average board games and even some sports! A lot of people are playing sports or even board games for the physical aspect of it. Chess on the other hand gives you the mental capacity that your brain is missing by just playing sports. Chess is allowing you to train your mind. The reason this is important is because if we don’t train our brain our cognitive skills will wane and thinking, and memory will be more challenging. So I need you guys to play chess not only for the fun aspects of it but, so that your mental capabilities can increase.

To sum everything up, I encourage each and everyone of you, the next time you see a chess board, give it a try! Sit down with someone who can teach you how to play the game,and I assure you that you will leave feeling invigorated looking for your next chance to play chess again.

Marco Baldwin – Lincoln Park High School – DMSF Class of 2027