Reaching The Holy Goal Grail

Beginning something new when you have never done it before is difficult. Being a human being is difficult. Dealing with pressure is difficult. These are all ways that we experience hardships, however within the hardships we create goals to be better. Goals are expectations and desires that we want to achieve for ourselves. My encounters with goals begin with keeping a goal in mind and committing to it, yet I eventually fall off of goals quickly. This is the case for most people who want to achieve goals. It is definitely extremely normal for you to personally feel this way and not put your commitment into action. Today we will discuss how to frame goals, how to keep track of your goals, and how to achieve them. Before I begin explaining the way to achieve your goals there is no guarantee that you will achieve your goals right away. Attempting this very quickly won’t happen as you always have to keep trying again and again, nonetheless it is not impossible.

Firstly, finding a way to frame your goals is not as simple as it sounds. For instance most people frame their goals like, “ I’m going to exercise. ” This is a great goal, however the goal is not very specific. The way to make a goal specific is to have a certain date and or time and how you are going to do the goal. You can instead say “ I’m going to exercise four days a week by walking around my neighborhood for 30 minutes. ” This makes the goal specific, attainable, and achievable. Furthermore once you get to your goal you can also increase it, specifically for exercising it is important to increase slowly therefore the goal doesn’t feel like a chore. You can increase by five minutes each time you feel like you are ready. But if you are happy with your goal you can continue with your goal instead of throwing it all away. Another way you can achieve your goals is keeping track of them. It is good to keep yourself accountable with the help of writing things down. Writing down your progress on the goal makes you realize what you have improved on and what you need to work on. You can write in a calendar, a planner, and notebook to give you some suggestions. Even while progress may increase slowly, when you continue with the goal it is a success in itself! This means you haven’t given up although it’s difficult.

In the end your goals are very important, trying to achieve them or get close to them is an amazing start to continue to be better. Yet, failure to reach your goals is okay. You always have to keep trying until you yourself feel satisfied. No one is tracking your personal goals to make you feel inferior, it’s okay to mess up you’re doing great. As long as attempting to do your best with framing and keeping track of your goals demonstrates that you are being responsible. Keep in mind to frame your goals specifically and to keep track of your goals with helpful planning. Achieving your goals is always possible with the help of those tips and a strong mindset. Then you too shall reach your holy goal grail!

Maiko Funes – The Chicago Academy for the Arts – DMSF Class of 2027