The Propaganda of 5G and Covid

Covid-19 made a big impact in our daily lives, Such as the way we learn, and the way we communicate with others. At first we thought it was going to be over quickly, we didn’t really think about how and why it started. Over the weeks rumors that sooner or later started to become conspiracy theories started to roll around. Some thought it was created to “control population” and others think it’s the fault of 5G. But today we will talk about 5G and the covid theory. Coincidentally 5G came out a few months before covid, March 4, 2019 to be exact. Let’s talk about covid for a bit. The virus primarily spreads through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. Or from contact with someone infected.

Studies show that 5G doesn’t affect us in any way and it’s actually safe for humans to be exposed to electromagnetic fields. Although 5G started to be developed a few years ago  it fully came out to phones in 2019. I can understand  why  people  do  the  connection  but  when 4G  came out there weren’t any rumers or diseases. As technology is  evolving you don’t know what the government has created so I understand people’s concerns as to what the government is making. But fortunately we are safe and that wasn’t the case, There was just a normal pandemic. The WHO (World health organization) Stated that Viruses cannot be transmitted by means of radio waves transmitted by telecommunications devices. 5G is used for higher internet speeds which means faster loading and sending data. Dr. Curry did another study on radio waves and how it affects tissue. It was reported that when radio waves rise to higher frequencies the brain tissue absorbs more radiation. Some of us think when the radio waves are at high frequencies it’s more dangerous. It’s not, In fact it’s safer.  Extremely high frequencies like X-rays behave differently and have other risks.

Luckily we have a vaccine to help us, unfortunately we don’t have a cure to cure the whole virus but the vaccine should help the population. It was estimated that with the vaccine it has prevented over 1.1 million deaths, That’s about the population of Rhode Island! Now let’s talk about covid for a bit, Covid is believed to come from a bat-borne virus, not from an “accidental release from a laboratory” There is no evidence proving that. Although covid is still here we now know where it comes from and how it was created which leads us to know that we are safe. There is no government that would want to ruin the population and do such a thing and realize a virus to kill 6,950,655 or infect 767,972,961 people. I know how bad it can be having covid most of us had covid at least once if not twice. To sum it all up  Although the conspiracies have stopped for the most part there still there, this article is here to inform you to know who and what to trust.

Ricardo Garcia-Chavez – Fenwick High School – DMSF Class of 2027