Why Is Nobody Telling The Truth About Slavery

Slavery was something all African Amercians wish never existed. I’m sure everyone knows about the horrific events of slavery but here is a little background information.

Slavery started in the early 1500s and ended in 1865. “Slavery”was an event that took place in Africa and traveled to North America. They took African Americans into “the door of no return “primarily  what they did was put them in a boat for days chained to each other so they could travel to North america. When they got there they handle blacks as animals and they overpowered,subdue african Americans, lynch and traded African Americans.

My problem is till this day they still treat African Americans  like slaves and slavery was over 150 years ago and African Americans still don’t have all the freedom they want. Some people still say ‘Colored schools’. Now people are taking slavery out of schools because the government is saying “it’s too harsh” “kids are crying” “kids shouldn’t be taught about slavery”, well i disregard those statements. I think slavery should be taught at school because people need to know the truth about how ancestors died and lost their life by being beaten to death.

As we speak, the Florida department of education is trying to ban African American. Texas is trying to ban the word slavery as we speak because it’s too harsh to say around the “kids”  (etc..)  and now it’s called Involuntary Relocation. People should talk about every event that happened. They need to know who was the first person to go to a black high school.

In schools they need to break up the different parts of slavery because there are so many different parts about how cruel slavery was. Slavery should be taught at all schools black or white and at ages like 9- 16. 5&6 grades should be taught about the wars and African American leaders and how slavery started and how it ended. 7th graders need to learn about their family trees and stories from their families and how they got transferred to North america. Now 8th grade thru 10th grade students need to talk about stuff like the door of no return and how they travel to North America and how some of them jump off the boat before going on that boat, and they need to cover every detail.

Now people are going to say that’s too harsh to learn at a young age and kids are not ready to hear that type of stuff well. I’m prepared to answer all your questions regarding this topic (etc…).

My solution was to send the child home with a paper for them to sign and regread what they are going to cover and talk about. It’s all about the parents at the end of the day and if they don’t want their kids to hear about it one day they will, and they are going to ask a lot of questions. People might ask what  if parents don’t want them to learn about the event of slavery well. It’s ok we will take them out of that class and they will have a different curriculum then everyone else or like a study hall period. My next solution is we should talk to the school board and try to make it a main lesson that needs to be talked about in school meetings because students and families need to know the importance of this topic.

To summarize everything up, schools should not take slavery out of school because it’s about history and history is what made America and without kids now knowing about the past event it’s basically hiding their meaning of the world and they are getting a lack of history taught. Everybody needs history  so i dont think taking it out of different schools and changing the name of slavery is going to help.

Serenity Robinson – DeLaSalle Institute – DMSF Class of 2027